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"From specification through to delivery of your ideal system, The Broker Centre have all the expertise and resources you need to obtain the best results"


In addition to our product portfolio, The Broker Centre offers bespoke development services to the Insurance sector, providing innovative insurance software solutions to facilitate complex business processes.

Is your business is being hindered by legacy systems that no longer meet with requirements?

Are you frustrated with your existing processes (or lack of them) and longing to realise the full potential of your employees?

The Broker Centre can help. From specification through to delivery of your ideal system, we have all the expertise and resources you need to obtain the best results. We design systems to give employees, managers and brokers quick and easy access to the information needed to get their jobs done, and our customers tell us that The Broker Centre make convoluted tasks very simple.

Give me an example?

OK, take the claim handling process. This collaborative exercise frequently involves individuals in different geographic locations. Collating and re-keying loss information from emails and scanned documents, and generating reports, can be a slow and time consuming process. With a browser-based system using secure user sessions, a more efficient role-based approach can be adopted. Administrators, Brokers, Loss Adjusters and Underwriters could log in and see immediately the work in their queue. As tasks are assigned, they may generate an email notification to the assignee. As each tasks is completed, a workflow map can automatically put the document into the queue of the next person, and so on until the task is complete. Because the process is streamlined, the settlement is reached sooner, which of course means higher client satisfaction.

Need something extra? Not only have our consultants worked in the Insurance sector, they are also proficient in other markets, including eCommerce, customer management and intranet design. We have plenty of experience in all the latest technologies and an extensive library of cutting edge functions from which we can draw.

We pride ourselves on our ability to supply a complete solution; not just superb software but all of the hardware necessary to support it, plus installation, documentation, staff training and of course, on-going support and maintenance for as long as you need it.

If you would like further information about any of our products or services, give us a call or use the Contact page to drop us a query.

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