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"Using iCert, each quote can be converted to an order with a click of a button, eliminating the need to re-key the data to downstream systems"


TBC's iCert product offering extends the functionality of the TurboQuote product by converting accepted quotations into Certificates of Insurance, which can then be electronically delivered to the client in a secure PDF format. It can be seamlessly integrated with TurboQuote so that document production is automatic, immediate and completely transparent to the user. Alternatively, brokers can use it interactively to review each quotation individually, prepare the Certificate (including the addition of Endorsement wordings) and submit it through an approval process prior to its delivery to the client.

Certificates are template based and so any of the data supplied by the online quotation process can be included. The product is not limited to one type of business; it supports multiple Certificates and automatically selects the correct one for each of your product offerings.

iCert also allows brokers to review quotations which cannot be priced immediately due to factors such as a client’s claims history, or unusual risk requirement. This allows them to contact the client to discuss the matter and potentially agree terms. Depending on configuration, this process can be undertaken fully electronically.

iCert can also import and automatically process a bordereau of orders (Microsoft Excel format) and as such is not actually dependent on the TurboQuote product. Additionally, firm orders may also be input directly into the product for Certificate generation. The browser based interface allows full visibility of all orders at each stage of the process, and its security model allows each user to perform only the tasks for which they are authorised.

Take your Insurance Certificate production up a gear today with iCert; reduce your on-going administration costs, enhance your efficiency and increase throughput and productivity.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic, fast delivery of customised client insurance documentation in a secure format
  • Reduces the cost of Certificate production by bringing it “in house”
  • Fully supports manual review, preparation and approval of generated documents if required
  • Referrals can be negotiated and resubmitted to the process electronically
  • Accepts orders from TurboQuote, Spreadsheet bordereau, and also allows manual entry of firm orders
  • Secure application with role based user access

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