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"Turbo Quote sets a new standard of professionalism while providing a competitive advantage to any company that utilises quotes to generate sales proposals and orders"


TurboQuote, our on-line insurance quotation engine, is a fast and extremely cost effective means for getting your products to the Internet. Products hosted using TurboQuote can be accessed directly by brokers, providing near real-time premium feedback, which can assist greatly when generating new sales or chasing prospects. Alternatively, TurboQuote hosted products can also be utilised by your prospective new clients to request quotations. Whether it is property or life insurance, vehicle or vessel, business or professional indemnity, whatever the insurance offering, TurboQuote will quickly bring your business products to the Net.

Features and Benefits

  • Did we tell you that it is fast? Not only with regards to response times for the users, but also in terms of time to market for each of your products. In most cases, complex look-up tables and business rules used to determine premiums can be converted by TurboQuote within a few days, sometimes in a few hours!
  • It is highly configurable, allowing almost any set of business rules to be implemented. If you have a set of clear and unambiguous rules that are used to determine insurance premiums, however complex they may be, TurboQuote provides the answer.
  • Products in TurboQuote are linked to binding authorities
  • With TurboQuote, you can host as many different quotation products as you want
  • Each product can be targeted towards either Brokers, new clients or both
  • TurboQuote can generate PDF versions of Policy documents automatically
  • Brokers and/or clients can be notified of policy status via email

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