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"Regardless of how complex your premium calculations are, the Broker Centre will help you automate it and streamline it"


TurboQuote is our on-line insurance quotation engine. As the name implies, it is a fast and extremely cost effective means for getting your products to the Internet. Whether it is property or life insurance, vehicle or vessel, business or professional indemnity, whatever the insurance offering, TurboQuote will quickly bring your business products to the Net.

TurboQuote Pricing Options

The Broker Centre offer several pricing options and clients are encouraged to select whichever suits their business best. Outlined below are the commission and lease based options. In both cases, there is a small setup fee for each TurboQuote online rater. This is to cover the cost of customising the product by implementing your business rules and branding it to your corporate style.

Option 1 – Commission Based:

In a commission based agreement, the only “up front” cost is the setup fee of each rater. An agreed percentage commission based on the client premium (less any applicable taxes) is payable to TBC on each sale. We can optionally integrate the product with our eCommerce software allowing you to take immediate payment from a client securely online (internet merchant account required).

Option 2 – Lease Based:

There are four package options to select from, each payable monthly in advance. These offer a flat fee for multiple instances of TurboQuote. Prices vary dependant on the number of instances you require.

  • Bronze - 1 to 3 raters
  • Silver - 4 to 6 raters
  • Gold - 7 to 10 raters
  • Platinum - 11 to 20 raters

As with option 1, there is a one off setup fee for each rater, and the eCommerce service can also be utilised for an additional one off setup fee (irrespective of the number of raters).

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